Courier services

All you need to know about our courier services

Courier services

  • Suitable for a suitcase, a few packages, home delivered at destination, excluding customs duties if any
  • Based on several courier services, the progress of the transport can be tracked with track and trace
  • The maximum dimensions for a courier shipment is 120x80x80 cms (LxWxH)

You can deliver to Schiphol Airport or our office, a pre-booking is not needed, but preferred as it will save both you and WBS precious time. To arrange pick up, just fill in the booking form. The pickup charges can be previewed at the calculation by inserting your postal code.
See below for all you need to know.

Courier services, all you need to know

  1. What are Courier services?
    Transport via courier is suitable for envelopes, a single or a few suitcases/cartons up till 50 kg’s.
    Transport via courier is based on home delivery.
    WBS uses several courier services. You will receive a confirmation per e-mail stating the track & trace code.
  2. Rates
    The rates are calculated per (half) kilo based on the volume weight, according to a scale of increasing weights.

    • Check if a remote area surcharge of € 17.50 is applicable.
    • Check the maximal dimensions and import regulations per country.
    • Check with the volume calculator if the charge is over the volume weight.
  3. Delivery
    You can deliver your consignment to our location at Schiphol Airport. Check our opening hours. Your items will be measured and check weighed, you fill in a booking form and WBS will make a booking. This will take about 20 minutes.
  4. Pick up: fill in the booking form
    You can calculate the pickup charges at the rates on our website, by inserting your postal code. Fill in the booking form on the homepage; insert the wished day of collection and the wished arrival date at destination. We would like to have an indication of the expected total weight.
    In case goods are collected from your home address:

    • Send in the booking form at least 1 working day days prior.
    • The booking will be confirmed within 1 working day.
    • Pick-ups are possible on weekdays only, make sure someone is available all day.
    • The driver will phone you when he is nearby.
    • The goods must be ready for a quick and smooth loading. The driver may expect assistance.
    • Within 1 working day you will receive per e-mail the booking details, our invoice and payment instructions.
  5. WBS will need:
    • Name, address or contact-details both in The Netherlands and at destination. At destination this must be a physical address. You fill in these details on our booking form.
    • A list of contents or packing list. In case of a commercial consignment a customs (pro forma) invoice is needed.
    • A copy of your ID or passport. WBS can make a copy.
  6. At destination 
    Make sure someone is at home!
    Important: before you sign for receipt, you check if the goods are intact! If damaged a remark thereto in writing must be made. If you sign for a clean receipt, any complaint or claim will not be accepted later on.
    Any customs duty or tax will be charged locally. Country information you can find at the rate calculation.
  7. Planning
    The transit time is from one up to several days, depending on the destination.
    There are daily departures, weekdays only. For a same day departure, your consignment must be ready for carriage and paid before 11:00 hrs. Goods delivered on Fridays after 11:00 hours will depart the Monday after.
    Keep the above in mind while making your planning.
  8. Packing
    Packing is the responsibility of the sender. Good packing is a requirement and will guarantee a safe arrival. Read the packing requirements.
    The packing must endure the voyage. Dangerous goods and valuables (money, value documents, jewelry, credit cards, etc.) are usually exempted or can only be accepted under certain conditions. Check the maximum dimensions per country.
  9. Payment
    Payment must be effected prior to departure. WBS will advise the ultimate payment date and time. A quick way of payment is via our payment system. You can pay with iDeal, PayPal and credit card.
    At our office you can pay in cash, with pin or credit card. With regard to the administrative burden, WBS will accept credit card payments up till € 2000,00.
  10. Insurance
    A consignment is not automatically insured. Note that in any case the Conditions of Transport are applicable, whereby the maximum legal liability of the carrier is limited.
    Just read here if a separate transport insurance is needed.
  11. Responsibility, liability of WBS
    WBS acts as intermediate between the principal (you) and the actual carrier. At the moment that WBS hands over the goods in tact to the carrier, the carrier will be responsible and liable. In case of a complaint, of course WBS will assist.


On all the activities of WBS are applicable the Dutch Forwarding Conditions, latest version.

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