Damage or loss is a very unpleasant occurrence. Luckily this does not happen very often.
International transport is well documented and the status of the transport can be traced. As a matter of fact damage occurs more often with passengers checked luggage than with cargo.

But if damage does occur – it must be clear how to limit any further damage and how to claim.

Damage usually occurs because of bad-packing. Therefore consult the requirements for packing goods.

In case of damage or loss, the actual carrier is responsible.
The liability of the carrier is limited to a maximum according to the filed conditions. Because the freight charge is expressed in an amount per kilo, the maximum liability is limited to a maximum amount per kilo, and can therefore be irrespective to the contents or the value of the goods.

To report damage.
Note: upon receipt of the goods and before signing you should check if all is intact. If you sign without checking first – any later complaint or claim will not be accepted by the carrier. If not intact, a remark should be made on the receipt. It is advisable to take photo’s and in the case of severe damage to ask the assistance of a neutral survey expert.

To file a complaint within the time limit.
The carrier must be notified immediately of any damage. The time limit may differ per carrier. Also WBS must be informed without delay in order to secure any future claim. At this stage the final claim may be not known yet.

To file a claim.
At the time of reporting, the extent of damage may not be known yet. In the following weeks you can establish the final claim amount. Subsequent and emotional damage cannot be claimed – it is the day-value of the goods, backed up by the purchase receipt or any other proof pertaining to its value.
WBS will file the final claim for you and take care of all correspondence with the carrier. You will receive all copies. Depending on the situation under which the damage occurred, it could take several months to finalize.

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