In the case of damage or loss, either WBS or the actual carrier is responsible. Because such an event usually occurs during transport, the actual carrier is responsible.

Whether and how compensation can be received, is formalized in the conditions of the carriers concerned. Because transport is charged per kilo, compensation is also expressed in a maximum amount per kilo.

On this page we give you an outline of the maximum liability with regard to the several modes of transport. Based on this overview, you may consider taking transport insurance. We advise you to do so anyway in the case of sea freight and International road transport.

Maximum compensation:*

Airfreight ca. usd 20.00 per kilo Airlines’ Conditions of Carriage.
Seafreight ca. eur 5.00 per kilo Container transport: Dutch Forwarding Conditions, latest version.
In case of a calamity at sea, the Hague Visby Rules apply.
Roadtransport ca. eur 11.00 per kilo International: CMR Conditions.
Courier ca. usd 20.00 per kilo

ca. eur 11.00 per kilo

By air: Airlines’ Conditions of Carriage.
By international Roadtransport: CMR Conditions.
WBS ca. eur 5.00 per kilo Dutch Forwarding Conditions, latest version.


*The amount is expressed in SDR, Special Drawing Rights, and is related to the price of gold and therefore may fluctuate.

Note: before you sign for receipt of goods at your destination, make sure the goods are intact! If damaged a remark must be made immediately in writing. If you sign for a clean receipt any complaint or claim will not be accepted later on. WBS will follow up any complaint or claim.

In case of a complain, please contact us.

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