WBS is a freight forwarding company, as opposed to a moving company; WBS can not pack for you. Only properly packed items can be accepted: Packing is the responsibility of the sender!

In case of damage claims, the carrier or the Insurance Company will judge if the goods were sufficiently protected. Pilferage will not be compensated, unless the packing is clearly damaged. Therefore it is of the utmost importance to protect your items for the long journey.

Read below about the general packing requirements and advise. WBS can provide you packing material.

1. General packing requirements

  • Goods must be packed in such a way that the contents are protected for the duration of the journey. Strong cartons and good suitcases will give sufficient protection. The individual items should be handled by one person, therefore do not exceed 30 kg each!
  • The packing must be clearly marked with the consignee’s name and address. This applies also for suitcases! If there is no name attached, there is no owner!
  • The pieces must be stackable, use no weak and/or half filled cartons! The packing should not cause damage to other goods. So, no (sharp) parts sticking out; if possible remove straps from bags.
  • A good inventory list is required. Customs at destination need to know what is entering into the country. Click here to see an example of a packing list.
  • Tip: You can seal your suitcases and bags before you leave Schiphol at Seal and Go,

2. Obtaining cartons
In our warehouse Vrachtcentrum Particulieren we have a limited stock of carton boxes.
It is rather expensive to order from WBS as we have to charge transportation; it will be more cost effective to buy cartons near you.
Most types of removal boxes are suitable. Addresses for cartons you can find at Victor Verhuis and; on these websites you can also order cartons. Or look on for more addresses. Likely there is a Moving Company near you, they have cartons and other packing material.

3. Road transport
Carriage is via distribution centers and local transport services. The transport is starting and ending from the loading ramp of the vehicle. Therefore individual items must be easy to handle, not heavier than 30 kg each. Because pallets are used, the individual dimensions per piece should not exceed 120 x 80 cm and the total maximum weight per consignment is limited to 500 kg.

4. Sea freight: small consignments
WBS will seal (no extra charge) carton boxes on to a pallet. Therefore only items that fit on pallets, not exceeding 120 x 80 cm can be accepted. Because of the sealing, the volume will increase slightly!

5. Sea freight: purchase of a palletbox, wooden boxes
WBS keeps a stock of pallet boxes and three types of wooden boxes, which can be delivered to your home address if requested. It is also possible to obtain a tailor-made wooden box, e.g. in case of furniture. Read more >>

6. Sea freight: your own wooden boxes
In case you intend to construct your own wooden box, please adhere to the International requirements for wood packaging, according to the ISPM 15 regulations. Also, the boxes must be easy loadable and suited for handling with a forklift truck or pallet lifter.

7. Sea freight: rent your own container
From around 15 m3 household goods, it may be cost effective to hire a full container. The most used type is a 20ft container with space for ca 33 m3, however you can effectively load around 20-25 m3. The advantage of a container is the ‘door-to-door’ concept, including all customs entries. For details and conditions read more >>

In case you are facing a complete removal operation and you would like to have your goods packed at home and unpacked at destination, it is advisable to contact a reputable removal company. This may also be in case of big, heavy or delicate items like furniture, piano’s, paintings, sculptures, washing machines, etc.

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