The following information is not applicable for traffic within the European Union.

If goods cross a border, customs forms need to be prepared. Travelling as a passenger you hardly ever notice: you just do your ‘verbal entry’ while passing through customs. If goods are transported as cargo and the owner is not present, a completed customs entry form is an obligation.
The (electronic) export-entry from The Netherlands is prepared by WBS; at the destination it is the responsibility of the consignee/owner.

In most countries, you can arrange the customs formalities yourself. However, because of the complicated procedures involved, this can be very time consuming.

Tip: ask the carrier, or its agent, to effect clearance for you. In general taxes for Personal Effects will not be levied, but there may be certain conditions or limitations for larger consignments or for complete household removals.
Custom officers are allowed to inspect your goods. Basically this will be determined by the (un)clarity of the information provided on the transport document and attached packing list. Therefore, make sure your packing list is complete!

Dutch Customs
Information telephone number: 0800-0543 Mondays till Thursdays between 08.00 – 20.00 hrs., Fridays between 08.00 – 17.00.
From abroad the number is +31 455743031.
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  • We recommend not to send personal effects and used goods to Indonesia and Vietnam.
  • Because of EU Embargos, WBS advises against sending shipments to Russia.
  • The Brazilian customs are known for charging very high duties. Shipments to Brasil are on your own risk, regarding these costs.

We would like to receive any of your personal experiences and tips. This information can be put to use for future travellers.

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