Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Frequently asked questions

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Why WBS ?

A number of reasons: WBS is specialised in dealing with private shipments. Most cargo agents concentrate on commercial freight.

WBS is easy to find at Schiphol and has flexible opening hours – also in the weekend.
Shipments via WBS are not limited to a maximum weight, dimension or delivery requirements and you have the choice to declare your own goods at the final destination or instruct a shipping agent to declare them on your behalf. These choices are reflected in our competitive prices.

Finally: WBS has friendly and knowledgeable personnel fully capable of helping you!

What is the difference between excess baggage, unaccompanied baggage and airfreight?

Excess baggage: the additional baggage that exceed the amount allowed per passenger per airline ticket. The extra costs are approximately 1% of the price of a first class ticket to the same destination. For baggage to and from the United States the limitations are 2 pieces of baggage, weighing no more than 32 kilo’s each. For any additional baggage a fixed price is levied.

Unaccompanied baggage: Passengers can send their excess baggage as airfreight with the same airline at a special rate. However, the conditions for which these reductions apply are complicated. In the European Union competition between airlines has generated lower airfreight tariffs compared to the rates of unaccompanied baggage, and therefore using this option is not particularly advised.

Airfreight: This is the service that WBS offers. Personal goods, excess baggage can be sent on any airline (road or shipping company) depending on the weight, dimension and national laws.

Do I need a ticket to send goods via WBS?

No, you don’t need an airline ticket to send goods via WBS.

Will my excess baggage be sent on the same flight as I am on?

Not necessarily. If you bring your shipment just before your own flight leaves – it will leave on a later flight. Export declaration and preparing your goods for delivery to the Airline usually takes a full day. Transfer at another airport can also take an extra day. Also the airline may delay your shipment for security reasons.

Finally, even if your goods do arrive on the same flight as you do – the unloading of the shipment and transfer to the cargo terminal plus the declaration of the goods through customs can take up again half a day or more!

Can I send more than 1 suitcase?

Yes. In airfreight each delivery is called a “consignment” or a “shipment” that can consist of several pieces.
On the airway bill of the shipment is noted the number of pieces and the total weight. The airfreight tariff is calculated over the total weight. It is important to ensure that all pieces are well packed and clearly marked with the final destination.

How do I find my baggage at the final destination?

WBS will provide you with the contact details and telephone number of the carrier or its agent. You are advised to contact them for further steps as soon as possible after arrival of the goods. You can also request a local cargo agent to declare and delivery your goods to your home.

On which carriers / airlines are the goods shipped?

WBS uses a number of preferred carriers based on their trustworthiness, price, frequency and capacity.

If the passenger has been referred to WBS by a carrier- WBS will in almost all cases use the same carrier thus keeping both the shipment and the passenger within the same carrier network.

Can I pay the freight charges at the final destination?

No. Payment of freight charges for personal goods is not allowed at the final destination. Payment has to take place before any shipment of personal goods departs.

Can I expect additional charges at the final destination?

Yes! At the final destination local charges are levied. This can be described as a sort of airport tax. Also storage charges may be levied after the first day – so it is important to get your goods declared through customs as soon as possible after arrival.

Whether the customs levies import taxes depends on the nature of the goods and the import regulations of the destination country and is outside the airfreight agreement.
In the event you request a local cargo agent to declare your goods through customs – you will, of course, be paying for these services.

Can WBS collect your shipment from your home?

Yes, WBS can pick up your shipment. You can determine the pick-up tariff by filling in your postal code at the rates pages.

Can the shipment be delivered to the final destination?

Worldwide Baggage Services can organise to door delivery anywhere in the world.

If you want WBS to deliver your shipment to the final destination realize that this could be expensive due to the organisational procedures required. It is cheaper to arrange it yourself via a local agent at the final destination.

Is my shipment insured?

No your shipment is not insured. Go to the web pages Liability and Insurance to determine if additional insurance is necessary.

If you already have travel insurance, check whether baggage sent as cargo is covered by the policy.

What do I need to do in the event of damage?

Damage is usually determined upon arrival. As the carrier’s responsibility ends the moment the goods are released- it is important to check for damage or loss before signing the receipt for the release. No claim can be considered after signing for a “clean” receipt. On the receipt there is space for damage or loss remarks. In order to follow up any claim, WBS needs to be sent a copy of the receipt as soon as possible. See our web page on Damage.

Can I send my pet as Cargo?

WBS is not involved in sending animals. A reliable address is

Can I send my goods from abroad to The Netherlands?

WBS does not have offices in other countries. However, in the following countries you can find companies offering similar services on the website of Worldwide Baggage Network.

Can WBS pack for me?

No. Packing is your own responsibility. You can find all information on the Packing page.

Can WBS temporarily store my goods?

Yes, WBS can without extra charges and prior to sending, store a maximum of 3 pallet positions for a maximum of 3 weeks. This can be helpful if at destination you are not yet ready to receive your items.

The transport is till the (air)port of destination. Do you still need address details?

Due to customs formalities, WBS cannot arrange home delivery from The Netherlands. However, address details are necessary because of liability and security.

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