Sea freight

All you need to know about our sea freight services

Sea freight

  • Suitable for a number of packages or small removals
  • Minimum 1m3 till ca 6m3, sealed on pallets, per container – 1m3 is ca 170 kgs
  • Up till arrival at the port or terminal of destination, local charges are applicable
  • Contact details at destinations are provided for assistance in customs clearing and if wished home delivery

You can deliver to Schiphol Airport or our office, a pre-booking is not needed, but preferred as it will save both you and WBS precious time.
To arrange pick up, just fill in the booking form. The pickup charges can be previewed at the calculation by inserting your postal code.
See below for all you need to know.

Sea freight, all you need to know

  1. What is sea freight?
    Sea freight is the transportation of goods, consolidated into sea containers via Rotterdam to other seaports or terminals. Onward transportation to an inland terminal may be possible. For the transport, a so-called Express Bill of Lading with a unique number is issued. This Bill of Lading becomes available approximately 4 days after departure and will be send through e-mail to you. Mentioned are the contact details at destination. The original is usually not needed.
  2. Rates
    The price is calculated per cubic meter or part thereof; for almost all destinations a minimum of 1 cubic meter (m3) per booking is applicable.
    In the rates on our website all surcharges known to us are included.
    The rate is up to arrival in the port. At destination local terminal charges must be paid.
  3. WBS will need from you:
    1. Name, address or contact-details both in The Netherlands and at destination. If possible, physical addresses; a post-box address may not be accepted. You fill in these details on our booking form.
    2. A list of contents or packing list.
    3. A copy of your ID or passport. If you deliver at one of our offices, WBS will make a copy.
  4. Delivery to our warehouse
    You can deliver your goods to our warehouse Vrachtcentrum Particulieren. Check our opening hours. You fill in a booking form. WBS will measure, check weigh, will make a booking on a wished sailing and issue your invoice. This procedure will take ca 30 minutes.
  5. Pick up: fill in the booking form
    WBS can pick up from your home address. You can calculate the pickup charges at the rates on our website, by inserting your postal code. Fill in the booking form; insert the wished day of collection and the wished arrival date at destination. We would like to have an indication of the expected total weight.

    • Send in the booking form at least 2 days prior, or earlier!
    • The booking will be confirmed within 1 working day.
    • Pick-ups are possible on weekdays only, make sure someone is available all day.
    • The driver will phone you when he is nearby.
    • The goods must be ready for a quick and smooth loading. The driver may expect assistance.
    • Within 1 working day you will receive per e-mail the booking details, our invoice and payment instructions.
  6.  Payment
    Payment must be effected prior to departure. WBS will advise the ultimate payment date and time. A quick way of payment is Internet Banking. Through a secured web-connection, payment with credit card is also possible. At our offices you can pay in cash, with pin or credit card. With regard to the administrative burden, WBS will accept credit card payments up till € 2000,00.
  7. At destination
    1. Just before the arrival date you contact the Shipping Lines’ agent for details and instructions. Contact details you will find on the Bill of lading.
    2. At destination local terminal charges are payable to the Shipping Lines’ agent for unloading, stripping the container and to store the goods in the warehouse. The costs for part consignments can be relatively high. To compare the sort like charges in Rotterdam:
      – documentation, etc. euro 80,00 till 125,00
      – per m3, also minimum euro 80.00
      – after a few days or weeks , also storage will be charged.
      At some destinations due to security or local regulations, costs may be higher.
    3. At non EU destinations the consignee or interested party must arrange customs clearance. In general used personal effects are free of duty or tax. The shipping line, nor WBS has any influence on customs regulations in any country!
      The clearing procedure can be best outsourced to the Shipping Lines’ agent. However you are free to choose any agent, around any port are agents who are willing to offer their services.
      Indication of charges are ca euro 75,00 – 100,00.
      In case of unforeseen, customs inspections, there will be extra charges.

    Tip: you can ask the Shipping Lines’ agent to arrange home delivery.
    Important: before you sign for receipt, you check if the goods are intact! If damaged a remark thereto must be made. If you sign for a clean receipt, any complaint or claim will not be accepted later on.

  8. Departures
    Click here for the sailing schedule. Note that WBS will deliver the goods each Monday in Rotterdam; on the Friday before, the consignment must be ready for carriage and the transport charge must have been paid.
    Note: Prior to departure, WBS can hold your consignment for a maximum of 4 weeks free of charge! Keep the above in mind while making your planning.
  9. Packing
    Packing is the responsibility of the sender! Good packing will guarantee a safe arrival. Read the packing requirements. WBS will seal carton boxes and suitcases on to a pallet. Be informed however that the use of a pallet will increase the total volume of the shipment! This also depends if the goods can be stacked in an optimal way on the pallets.
    ATTENTION: WBS can only accept items that fit on pallets!
    For bigger items WBS has a pallet-box and 3 types of wooden boxes in stock.
  10. ISPM 15 wood packing requirements
    In case you are planning to make your own box or crate, note that for most destinations the international wood packing requirements are applicable (ISPM International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures).
  11. Liability – Insurance
    A consignment is not automatically insured. In any case the Conditions of Transport are applicable, the maximum legal liability of the Shipping Line (NVOCC) is € 5.00 per kilo. Just read here if a separate transport insurance is needed. In case of a transport Insurance, a good packing list is required.
    In order to cover the Averij Grosse clause in the conditions of transport (Hague Visby Rules), it is advised to take a minimum insurance.
    Responsibility, liability of WBS
    WBS acts as intermediate between the principal (you) and the actual carrier. At the moment that WBS hands over the goods in tact to the carrier, the carrier will be responsible and liable. In case of a complain, of course WBS will assist.


On all the activities of WBS are applicable the Dutch Forwarding Conditions, latest version.

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