It may be wise to take a transport insurance for personal effects. Because of the relatively low transport liability an insurance may even be advised for sea freight and road transport.
First find out about the carriers liability and how high the compensation of the carrier will be, compared with the value of your items.
As value indication, you have to take the ‘day-value’. A computer or any other item of 4 years old, has a much lower value ‘today’. Emotional value cannot be insured!

Note: in case of sea freight it is advised to take out an Insurance anyway, just in order to cover the ‘Avery Grosse’ risk! Avery Grosse means that if a ship comes into trouble, charges for recovery may be payable by the cargo owners.

You can arrange for a Transport Insurance on the booking form, or at delivery at Schiphol. WBS has a continuing Insurance Policy; you will receive a proof of Insurance.

Costs for Transport Insurance:

  • 2% over the Insured value. Minimal value € 2500,00 – maximum value € 250.000,00.
  • € 12,50 administration charges.

What you should know:

  • A transport insurance for personal effects is only valid for the duration of the transport, from acceptance by WBS, until you sign for receipt* at destination.
  • From this insurance are excluded live animals, flowers and plants, money and value documents, valuables and antiquities, computer software; also excluded is existing damage and/or shortcomings and damage due to insufficient packing, or packing not suitable for transport. The functionality of electrical appliances cannot be covered.
  • Pilferage and scratches are not compensated, unless damage to the contents due to the carrier can be proven.
  • An own risk of €250,00 and €100 for electrical and electronic equipment is applicable.
  • An Inventory list, stating the actual (day)value of the items is required by the insurance company.
    Note: Compensation is on basis of day value. Emotional value cannot be compensated.
  • *Attention: on receipt at destination, check your items and in case of damage, a written notification thereto should be made on the receipt, or else a complaint must be filed with the actual carrier prior to receipt.
    If you sign for a ‘clean receipt‘, the insurance company may refuse to accept a claim
  • A written report must be sent as soon as possible, at least within 2 working days, to WBS, including a copy of the mentioned receipt and all other relevant documentation.

Note: In case of damage, the insurance company will put a regress on the carrier concerned. WBS will follow up any complaint or claim. However, this may take several months.

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