Lost and found frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Returning your lost and found items at Schiphol Airport.

Lost and Found frequently asked questions

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You lost your item, now what?

If you lost your item at Schiphol Airport you have to get in contact with SDBV, the company who is responsible for the lost and found items at the airport. Once they have found your item they will forward you a lost and found registration number consisting of 6 digits. Example LF123456

I got my lost and found number, now what?

Once you have received your lost and found registration number please fill in our form. Fill in which item(s) you lost during your stay at the airport and fill in all of your contact details.

I got problems filling in a request.

It is possible your form will not submit immediately. Something isn’t filled in like it should be then and the box will be marked with orange then. If you keep having problems, please contact us via +31 20 44 66 233, ops@baggage.nl or chat with us.

How do I pay?

You can pay directly when filling in your request. You can choose different methods of payment or you can even choose the option to pay later. We will provide you with a payment link once we receive your items.

I filled in a request, now what?

Thanks first of all for choosing our service. We pickup on working days at 12pm at Schiphol Airport and once received we will forward your item immediately. We only ship your item once you paid for it.



Can I track my item?

Yes you can! We will forward you track and trace details of our courier FedEx.

Difficult countries to deal with

Some countries have strict or corrupt customs regulations. Examples of these countries are Brazil, Indonesia, Russia and Turkey.

Do I have to insure my goods additional?

If you lost an valuable item it may come in handy to insure your item additional. FedEx only pays you € 11 per kilo if your item is lost or damaged. So think carefully before you ship your items without insurance.

What are the costs for an additional insurance?

The additional costs for insurance are € 45 and you are insured up to € 2500.

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